A candidate who has completed CIEL's Wealth Management Advance Certification successfully becomes a member* of Ciel Learning Foundation. Candidates become members of Ciel Learning Foundation only if they hold a valid Wealth Management - Advance certificate, agree to adhere to a code of conduct as stipulated and pay the annual membership fees.

A member will cease to be a member if he does not fulfill the CPE requirement or he does not pay the annual membership fees in the stipulated time or he does not abide by the code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

Members of the Ciel Learning Foundation are deemed to comply with the following code of conduct

  • To uphold the interests of the client over personal gain or employer interests

  • To stay informed and updated about prevalent regulatory norms and current market practices in order to service clients and customers efficiently and effectively.

  • To abide by the laws and regulations applicable to the business

  • To carry out required due diligence where deemed necessary.

  • To disclose existing or potential conflict of interest to the client

  • To communicate clearly and honestly with clients, market intermediaries and regulatory authorities.

  • To maintain high standard of ethics and carry out business with utmost care and diligence.

  • To always maintain a relationship of trust, professionalism, and co-operation with clients

Membership fees are Rs 1000 payable annually.

Certificate Revalidation :

The validity of the Wealth Management - Basic and Wealth Management - Advance certificates is 1 year. Candidates will complete the CPE requirements to keep their certificate valid. Candidates will have to obtain 8 credits – i.e. complete 8 hours of online learning or attend 8-hours of classroom in a year to renew their certificate.

CPE requirements will be fulfilled as follows:

  • Classroom trainings, online courses, tutorials, videos, podcasts, newsletters and quizzes will each have specific credit points for participation and completion.

  • A total of 8 credit points have to be accumulated every year for renewing the certificate using any of the available options. One-hour of learning, whether online or offline, is equivalent to one credit.

  • The candidate will be required to accumulate the annual CPE credits before the expiry of the validity of the certificate, annually.

* The term 'member' will be as understood in common parlance and not as defined under Companies Act, 2013.